Terms and Conditions

How long will it take to process my order?

Orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. We will make every effort to make sure orders are processed as soon as possible, and no unnecessary delays occur in processing an order. In most cases orders are processed immediately.

During busy periods, delays may occur. All orders will be processed no later than 2 business days upon receipt, provided the items are in stock and there are no problems with the payment verification. Items are allocated to your order when your order is being processed and after your payment has been verified, so on rare occasions stock may change by the time an order is being processed.

Once an order request has been received by us, you will receive periodic e-mails from us regarding the processing of your order. Within 24 hours of your order being shipped, you will receive an e-mail that contains the carrier tracking number for your order.

First time customer with DataCash Technologies Inc may experience a 1 to 2 business day delay in processing your initial order, to allow for credit card payment verification and security checks. Prepaid Orders will take longer to process to allow cheques to be cleared. This policy includes Cashier’s Cheques. Purchase orders will be accepted only from qualified Fortune 1000 companies, Government, Schools and accredited educational institutions.

No C.O.D. orders will be accepted. Sorry, no credit cards issued outside of Canada will be accepted as payment. US residents must make payment by PayPal.

What taxes do I pay?

All orders shipping within British Columbia (BC) will be charged the applicable Provincial Sales Tax (PST). Goods and Services Tax will be charged for all orders shipped to a Canadian address, except for Government orders and orders bound to destinations where GST is exempt. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be charged to residents of Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

How do I cancel my order?

You may request a cancellation of your order by contacting the main office, provided the order has not already been shipped.

Once an order has been processed you cannot cancel your order, but you may return items in accordance with our returns policy, and may be subject to a restocking fee. Otherwise, please call during our business hours to cancel your order. If your account has already been charged, you will receive a credit back to your account usually within 2 to 3 business days.

Please never request to cancel an order by e-mail as we may not receive the request in time to stop the order.

What warranty do I get with products I’ve bought?

DataCash Technologies Inc warrants product(s) to be in good working condition and free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the original Invoice date unless stated otherwise on the product page.

After that period, items are often covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but will vary depending on the product in question.

If your product is not functioning properly upon arrival (DOA items), please send a message (but not later than 30 days from purchase for DOA items) to pasplin@datacash.ca. In most instances, our representatives can assist you in diagnosing and resolving your product problems. In the case of a defective product, Datacash Technologies Inc will replace the product with an exchange of the same item, subject to in-stock availability.

To return a product you will require an authorization from DataCash Technologies Inc. You will have to pay for shipping charges in returning the product to us. Repaired items will be shipped back to you free.

When you purchase any product from DataCash Technologies Inc, you are entitled to its manufacturer’s warranty against defective merchandise.

Physical damage to any product will void the product’s warranty. Modifying a product in a permanent way is considered physical damage. DataCash Technologies Inc cannot honor warranty for CPU’s that have bent pins, cracked or chipped cores, burnt or otherwise sustained any other type of physical damage. Physical damage voids any warranty previously implied for any product.

How does DataCash Technologies Inc ship my order?

Every package leaving DataCash Technologies Inc is carefully packaged by us before shipping. We use our own specially designed shipping boxes, heavy duty recycled cartons, or a carrier’s service designated shipping box, depending on the size and contents of your order. Larger products, such as monitors, will be shipped in its original packaging.

All Canadian orders will be shipped from our Canadian warehouse.

  • Purolator Ground
  • XPress Post
  • Canada Post

All products and orders are FOB

Provincial Environmental Levies

Standard provincial environmental levies charged on all sales.

Are manufacturer warranties valid outside of Canada?

Unless otherwise specified, please be aware that manufacturer guarantees and service options may not be valid outside of Canada. Local service options by the product manufacturers may not be available for your product in your country.

Terms & Conditions of Sale (the fine print)

The following terms and conditions govern the sale of products by DataCash Technologies Inc. By submitting your on-line order to DataCash Technologies Inc, you have indicated your acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions of sale. At DataCash Technologies Inc sole discretion, these terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice at any time before DataCash Technologies Inc accepts your order.


DataCash Technologies Inc does not guarantee that products and services advertised on our website will be available when ordered or thereafter.

Payment Terms

Payment is due by credit card, PayPal, Certified Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft. Once an order is placed by credit card, the credit card account will be verified at the time the order is placed. If your credit card is declined during the order, please contact us to correct the payment issue. No C.O.D. orders are accepted. Orders are processed ONLY upon receipt of payment.

Disclaimer of Warranty

When products are shipped to you, their limited warranties applicable to products are in effect and are included with the shipment. Certain products may have additional warranties provided by the original manufacturer but not by DataCash Technologies Inc. On our web site, “as is” products may not have warranties from DataCash Technologies Inc (other than those warranties implied by and incapable of exclusion, restriction or modification under applicable law), but may still hold warranties from the manufacturer.

Payment Shipping and Handling Charges and Taxes

The buyer is responsible for any taxes or tariffs associated with your purchase.


Prices shown on DataCash Technologies Inc website do not include shipping and handling until payment process is started. Neither do not the prices include taxes unless otherwise noted. All prices are in Canadian dollars. The price charged for an order will be the price in effect at the time the order is made.

Shipping & Risks during Shipping

When products are shipped to you by common carrier, DataCash Technologies Inc liability to you for breakage and/or non-delivery of the products by the common carrier to you will be limited by the limits of liability provided by the common carrier’s terms and conditions of carriage. You may wish to purchase insurance from loss or breakage during carriage for full insurable value of the products you have ordered by making the appropriate requests when placing your order with DataCash Technologies Inc.

Order Cancellations & Changes

For the benefit of our customers, we attempt to process orders as rapidly as possible. As such, orders may be sent to our warehouse for fulfillment very soon after they are placed. Due to difficulty of locating orders once they have begun the fulfillment process, we will not be able to make any order changes or cancellations once they have reached this stage of processing.

Please review orders very carefully prior to submitting them and in the case a cancellation is necessary; please contact us as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that we are able to stop your order before it goes to the warehouse for fulfillment. Unfortunately, no guarantees can be made.

Errors, Misprints, and Omissions

Our goal is to provide current and accurate information on our website. However, errors, misprints, and omissions sometimes occur. These include but are not limited to incorrect or incomplete prices, descriptions, specifications, photographs or illustrations. DataCash Technologies Inc makes no warranty that the content of the website is accurate or complete.

Prior to shipment or delivery of any order, DataCash Technologies Inc may cancel, reject, correct, or terminate any order for products, services, or insurance for which the price was incorrectly displayed or where we otherwise displayed erroneous, incomplete, or inaccurate information. DataCash Technologies Inc cancel, reject, correct or terminate at any stage of the order processing, including after an order has been submitted and confirmed, and your credit card or debit card has been charged or an electronic funds transfer has been sent or received. In the event your order is cancelled by DataCash Technologies Inc after your credit card or debit card has already been charged, DataCash Technologies Inc will issue a credit to your payment card account in the amount of the charge. Individual bank or credit union policies will determine when this amount is credited to your account.

DataCash Technologies Inc is not obligated to complete any sell of products, services, or insurance based on errors, misprints, or omissions on our website.

DataCash Technologies Inc may at any time, with no prior notice or liability to any website user (a) correct any error, inaccuracy, or omission; (b) change the products and services available on the website, or the prices, fees, description, and specifications of such products, services, and insurance; (c) limit quantities, promotional or otherwise, available for sale.

Limited Warranty

DataCash Technologies Inc warrants product(s) to be in good working condition and free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days for all products from the original Invoice date unless otherwise restricted below or by the manufacturer’s own warranty policy.

DataCash Technologies Inc liability shall as limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any defective product which is returned, freight prepaid to DataCash Technologies Inc. Buyer shall bear all responsibility for shipping charges and risk of loss or damage during transit to DataCash Technologies Inc. Products which have been subjected to abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect or unauthorized repair or installation, as determined solely by DataCash Technologies Inc, are not covered by this warranty.

Any alterations, addition, improvements or attachments to the product(s) not authorized in writing by the DataCash Technologies Inc shall be deemed to be a waiver of this warranty by Buyer and shall render this warranty null and void. DataCash Technologies Inc shall return repaired or replaced product(s) to Buyer, at its expense via regular ground service within Canada. Shipping charges by all other methods and to all other destinations shall be borne by Buyer.


Return Policy

Subject to a restocking fee,
DataCash Technologies Inc will allow the return of certain products for credit for any reason under certain terms and conditions. Please contact pasplin@datacash.ca to process any return.

Technical Support

DataCash Technologies Inc provides technical support for most of its products. Some products may have to use the technical support provided by the manufacturer.

Limitation of Liability

The maximum liability to you for products purchased from DataCash Technologies Inc shall be limited to the purchase price you have paid for the products. Also, DataCash Technologies Inc will not be liable for any property damage, personal injury, loss of use, interruption of business, loss of profits, or other consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive or special damages. This applies to all situations however caused, whether for breach of warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, other than those damages that are incapable of limitation, exclusion or restriction under applicable law.

THIS RETURN POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY. DataCash Technologies Inc reserves the right to change or to cancel it at any time before accepting your order. For all refunds, you need to precisely follow the previous return procedures to ensure the return of your refund. You need to also allow a reasonable period of time for the product to arrive at our warehouse and pass an inspection process. When your return is accepted, we will process your credit as soon as possible.


Title to hardware products and to the media in which software products are embodied passes to you upon shipment by DataCash Technologies Inc. Title to software remains with the licensor of the software.


These terms and conditions shall be interpreted under and governed by the laws of Canada, without giving effect to conflicts of law rules. Headings used in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience of reference only and are not intended to be part of, or to affect the meaning or interpretation of, these Terms and Conditions.


All dispute, controversy, or claim against DataCash Technologies Inc arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, their interpretation, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, or any related purchase shall be resolved exclusively and finally by arbitration.

The arbitration will be conducted before a single arbitrator, and will be limited solely to the dispute or controversy between you and DataCash Technologies Inc. The arbitration shall be held in any mutually agreed upon location in person, by telephone, or online. Any decision rendered in such arbitration proceedings will be final and binding on each of the parties, and judgment may be entered thereon in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The arbitrator shall not award either party special, exemplary, consequential, punitive, incidental or indirect damages, or attorney’s fees and each party irrevocably waives any such right to recover such damages. The parties will share the costs of the arbitration, (including the arbitrator’s fees, if any) in the proportion that the final award bears to the amount of the initial claim.

No Modification

Any additional or altered terms attached or adhering to an order shall be null and void and without effect, unless agreed to in writing by DataCash Technologies Inc. These terms and conditions may not be modified, altered or amended without the written agreement of DataCash Technologies Inc.


If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be illegal, invalid or un-enforceable, in whole or in part, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired. The terms and conditions stated herein are declared to be Severable.


You may not assign this agreement without DataCash Technologies Inc prior written consent. DataCash Technologies Inc is the intended beneficiaries of this agreement. If there is any inconsistency between this agreement and other agreement included with or relating to products purchased from DataCash Technologies Inc, this agreement shall take precedence.

Linking and Framing the Web Site

Links to the Web Site without the express permission of DataCash Technologies Inc are strictly prohibited. DataCash Technologies Inc reserves the right to cancel and revoke any permission it may give to link to the Web Site at any time, for any reason, without any notice, and without any liability to you or any other person. The framing of the Web Site or any of its content in any form and by any method is strictly prohibited.

International Shipping – Terms and Conditions


Unless otherwise specified, all product manuals, instructions, labelling requirements and safety warnings may not be in destination country languages. The customer is responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. When ordering from DataCash, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Orders shipped to countries outside of Canada may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. DataCash Technologies Inc does not have control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. DataCash Technologies Inc recommends that you contact your local customs office for more information.


Every country has different guidelines to determine which products should be restricted for import. As general examples, we are unable to cross-border ship flammable items, watches, plastic kitchen house wares, kitchen knives, mobile phones, vitamins, and toner cartridges weighing more than 500 grams (more than 16 ounces).


We value your privacy, however, cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.