High Quality Components = High Quality Results
Quality is just a word. A word that’s been tossed around far too often and far to freely to describe inferior products. In consequence it’s lost much of it’s true meaning.
However DataCash has been and always will be committed to providing the very best quality products available in the Security Surveillance industry. Without quality we couldn’t provide a three year warranty across Canada and internationally to all our customers.
We sell GeoVision and only GeoVision cameras & software because they have earned our respect & confidence. As a major global manufacturer of hardware & software to the surveillance industry their corporate philosophies mirror that of ours and we like that. They provide an extensive lineup of camera’s allowing us many choices when offering hardware solutions. Whether it be a 360 Fisheye camera capable of viewing a whole room at one time or a License plate recorder out in the parking lot. When we need specialized equipment it’s available and we know it will be quality built.


The software is loaded with features such as:

– Customer counts

– Item tracking

– Customer face detection

– Cash register journal tape display

– and many more features


We manufacture our own Network Video Recorders in order to provide our clients with the absolutely best hardware obtainable on the market. This also allows us to provide exactly what our clients want for video storage, power and special requirements such as tamper proof cases and high airflow capacity computers. The terminals are provided with backup software drives (raid technology) to ensure peace of mind knowing that the system is protected from catastrophic failures. All camera’s & terminals are monitored for system malfunction by our office 24/7 for the entire period of the warranty and under contract thereafter.
Remote support is also provided on the same basis .


Here are a few examples of what we use:

geovision_bullet geovision_dome geovision_fisheye-300x224 20141109_133635 20141109_152953_HDR