Mission Statement


Proud Preferred Supplier to CTDA

Who we are : DataCash Technologies is an all Canadian company specializing in Security Surveillance hardware and software for major Canadian institutions and companies. These include Canadian Tire Dealers Association for which we are a Preferred Supplier, Magna Corporation where we are on their list of suppliers and Town Shoes Limited (the largest shoe store chain in Canada) where we service & supply the entire chain across Canada. We have installations of security surveillance systems from Terrace, British Columbia to Mount Pearl New Foundland and all provinces in between. These are maintained by our network of associate surveillance dealers as well as remotely via the internet to our head office in Hamilton, Ontario. The combination of local hardware support and remote trouble shooting and software upgrades ensures our clients peace of mind, knowing their system will provide trouble free continuous security for many years down the road.
Our computers are designed and built by our own technicians and are produced to industrial (not commercial) standards using such innovations as liquid cooled CPUs and R.A.I.D. Technology which provides a backup boot and system operation drive in case the main drive fails. We also provide hot swappable drives which give the technician the ability to upgrade to larger storage drives when new technology dictates while the computer is in operation in seconds, rather than hours. We provide Lifeline Monitoring System, this is software that monitors and informs our technical department when a camera at any of our clients locations in Canada has failed. In most cases we fix the situation before our client is aware they have an issue.

Our Warranty: We offer a three (3) year parts and labour warranty on all hardware and software we sell. This warranty does
not cover repairs or replacement required due to accident vandalism, abuse and flood or fire. During that time both Lifeline
monitoring and regular software updates are provided free of charge.

Our Mission Statement : In an industry evolving more rapidly than most clients & competitors can comprehend we strive to stand out as a pillar of knowledge to provide our clients with the best solution to their security surveillance needs available on the market. We will never compromise on the quality we sell and should we have a malfunction of equipment during the warranty period we will endeavour to rectify the situation as fast as possible without the consideration of man hours or expense. This is not just a issue for our client but also reflects on our reputation and the quality of the products we sell.