DataCash Technologies Inc. from Hamilton Ontario has been serving Canada coast to coast for over 20 years. Our dedicated employees and management make the difference and we have earned our reputation for providing support for our systems.


Security Camera Systems


We Install high quality Geovision Security Camera systems using IP technology. We are also able to retro fit older Analog style cameras to function with the advanced Geovision system. This means that even if you do not want to completely upgrade your current security camera setup, you can use a Hybrid system that pairs our high quality IP Cameras with the older style Analog cameras which you may already have in use.

The Geovision system allows for remote access, which means that you can access your cameras from any place using a Laptop, Android device or Iphone. Remote access is only available to users which have been given approval.

All our computer systems are custom built to suit your needs. We also have dedicated remote support to help our clients with any issues they may have when using our systems.

DataCash Technicians use industry wide best practices when installing ensuring a safe work environment. All technicians are certified to use all equipment required when installing and are able to provide proof when asked. We pride ourselves on being very safe while still being able to perform lengthy installations in a timely manner.

Our clients include Major Corporations, independent facilities, small businesses and more.